Diggy is on a mission to plant trees. He is a seed-powered digger and it's your job to help him collect the seeds he needs by planting trees, watching them grow and catching their bounty as it falls! The more trees you plant, the more seeds you can collect and the further Diggy can travel. Watch out for the obstacles along the way though! Diggy doesn't like getting wet so it can be a tricky business. You'll find bonus seeds attached to balloons to help you on your way and don't forget, if Diggy runs out of seed fuel that's the end of the road!

See how many seeds you collected, how many trees you planted and how far you travelled on the Game Center enabled achievements and leaderboard.

Just want to drive Diggy and plant trees without worrying about running out of seed fuel? The Kid's Play option lets you play just for fun. Great for little Diggy fans.

made with Cocos2d